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Weight Control For Healthier Heart

Importance of Weight Control

Weight Control It's well known how important it is to achieve healthy body weight and maintain good weight control – it helps protect against diabetes, heart and cardiovascular disease, joint strain, and other circumstances that impede healthy aging.

Losing belly fat is particularly important, because studies have shown that women that have a waist measuring of 35 or more inches are about twice as likely to have coronary disease, heart problems, or even cancer as women with a waist size below 28 inches.

Body Fat Percentage and Body Mass Index (BMI)

That is a problem faced by too many people – a 2008 Mayo Clinic research recommended that the amount of stomach fat and the percentage of excess body fat in general, may represent more worrying numbers than those on the scale. The study found that more than the half of American adults considered to have “normal body weight”, according to their body mass index (BMI), actually have high body fat percentages – over 20 percent for males and 30 percent for females along with metabolic and/or heart disturbances.

Body fat percentage can be calculated in several ways, starting from calipers that measure subcutaneous fat in zones such as your upper arm and the waist, to more high-tech techniques involving special x-rays. Having excess body weight raises our blood volume, increases blood pressure, and makes extra strain to the heart. Furthermore, the excess abdominal fat results in inflammation of the blood vessels, also causing increased blood pressure.

Weight Control For Better Overall Health

Weight reduction might help reverse most of these problems – for every 2 lbs you would shed, your blood pressure will decrease about one millimeter in mercury (mmHg). While losing fat from your abdominal area can make great impact to heart health and your overall health, your overall body weight is still very important, primarily because it provides an easy target for you to aim with weight control, and due to the fact that overall weight reduction will also cut inches from your waist.

Any time you lose excess weight with some weight loss program and/or exercise or maybe with healthy diet pills, more loss comes from the fat around your stomach than anywhere else. That's the reason why weight reduction is really so essential if you have an increased BMI. Help yourself to ultimately slim down and keep healthy weight by doing fitness exercise, such as a bike ride or fast walk, for at least half an hour every day. Eat balanced and healthy diet, replacing meals that are full of carbohydrates and saturated fats with low-fat foods like fresh fruit and whole grains - weight control is very important for your overall health.