How Exactly Does Proactol Work

Losing weight is a challenge for most people. First of all, it can be confusing to choose what plan to follow given the myriad of diet and exercise regimens endorsed by popular personalities and medical professionals. Secondly, once a person has chosen a diet plan or exercise routine, many encounter loss of interest in the whole process after a few days or weeks.

Today, dieting and exercising may aid in weight loss, but another option is to take food supplements that will help the body to burn fat. Taking such pills is also easier to incorporate in one’s lifestyle.

One type of diet pills over the counter is Proactol.

How Proactol Works and How It Aids in Losing Weight Safely

Best Over The Counter Diet Pills Proactol contains soluble and non-soluble fibers that bind fat molecules. Both fibers work together in eliminating fat through different means. The non-soluble fiber works by binding fat. Once this substance comes in contact with fat molecules, the fiber attaches to the fat and forms a gelatinous matter that is difficult for the body to absorb. The unprocessed fat is eliminated by the body naturally. Because of this, the body does not, in essence, digest most of the fat substances consumed.

Studies have even established that a Proactol pill taken after eating main meals will obstruct about 27% of fat in that one instance. Conversely, the soluble fiber works by binding with bile acids, forming a viscous substance that slows down digestion. When this happens, the body also reduces the speed by which it absorbs sugar. Moreover, since the resulting substance is so thick, this will stay in the stomach longer which also keeps hunger pangs at bay for a longer period of time. In this manner, Proactol works as an appetite suppressant as it discourages any cravings for food items.

Proactol is very safe to use as there are no known side-effects resulting from the use of this food supplement. This is why it’s one of the best over the counter diet pills around. It is proven safe and effective by numerous stringent clinical tests, and is declared as a certified medical product (MDD 93/42/EEC).

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So, if you want to lose weight with a highly effective product that does not pose any danger to you, opt for Proactol. If you’re still unsure, read the testimonials of consumers who have used the product. You’ll find them more than satisfied with proactive results, which is why it’s touted as one of the best over the counter diet pills today.

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