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the best over the counter diet pillsProactol is one of the best over the counter diet pills which have found itself into the hearts of many dieters. Just to confront the negative reaction that is typical with announcement of a diet pill I agree that yes, the best way to lose weight is through a balanced diet and sufficient exercise. With that said, options are always a well come source of comfort to people. Proactol provides that preferred choice for many dieters. Being overweight is no one’s dream for themselves but it’s a reality many of us have to deal with. We are bombarded with weight lost solutions which many times just do not seem to work for us. It is so hard to have to give up the foods we love in order to lose weight and stay slim and trim. Proactol answers the silent scream of the dieter and is now honed its reputation as one of the best over the counter diet pills.

What is Proactol and how did it gain its status as one of the best over the counter diet pills?

Proactol is a natural diet pill or some may refer to it as a weight management system. The product made from an organic fiber from the cactus plant or prickly pear plant and is the brain child of Claire Brentwood. Claire once faced the same overweight struggles as other diets face. After reaching her tolerance limit where diet plans and weight-loss-products were concerned she was determined to come up with a solution. The result is this cactus based product which is widely regarded as one of the best OTC diet pills available to dieters.

Best over the counter diet pills - What so great about Proactol?

Here are six reasons Proactol has become one of the best diet pills over the counter:
1.    It makes up to 27.4% of body fat indigestible. It does this by blocking the fat.
2.    It is clinically tested so it’s safe for you.
3.    Proactol helps with food cravings. This is a savior for those who are easily tempted by goodies such as chocolate and sweets.
4.    It’s an all natural product. No bothersome side effects to deal with. Natural is the healthier way to go.
5.    It is medically certified. It is important to only take into your body on medicinal products which have been certified by the medical community.

Where is Proactol available?

It is only natural a product such as Proactol which is classified as one of the best over the counter diet pills be available throughout the world. With the backing of nutritionists and health and fitness experts, satisfied customers as well as respected doctors the product is available in leading pharmacies and health food stores around the world. Just ask the attendant in your health food store for a listing of the best diet pills over the counter and Proactol is certain to be one of the first ones listed.

best diet pills over the counterSide effects associated with Proactol

As stated before Proactol is one of the best natural weight loss supplements. It contains no allergens, no artificial colors or artificial flavors. This should remove the likelihood of ever experiencing side effects but it is always advisable that if you suffer from allergy you should check with your doctor before taking any form of medicines.

How does Proactol work?

Through its ability to make nearly 28% of body fat indigestible Proactol is also able to suppress the appetite. It reduces the cholesterol levels in dieters and with all these actions combined the best over the counter diet pills (Proactol) is able to most importantly reduce body fat which in turn results in weight-loss.

The cactus fibers used to make the diet pill is non-soluble. This non-soluble substance in Proactol combines with the fat present in the stomach. The combination then forms a gunk which the body finds impossible to absorb and instead allows it to pass out of the body. This is an effective way to get rid of excess fat while not allowing it to be digested by the body.
Here lies the reason Proactol is rated as one of the best natural over the counter diet pills among dieters, health and fitness instructors and doctors. Using the Proactol system in their weight-loss plan allows dieters to eat the things they enjoy best without having to feel guilty or having to starve themselves. Proactol does make a big difference in the amount of fat a dieter absorbs.

Will I see immediate results after taking Proactol?

No you will not. Proactol is not a quick fix pill. Proactol is very effective but no miraculous. Remember it is a systematic approach which will requires time to take effect. The timeline you should allow for the pills to take effect is 120 days. There are special promotions offered by the developer of this pill Claire Brentwood on her site. These promotions include a money back guarantee on a 120 days’ supply of Proactol if you are not satisfied with the results with the catch being that you make your claim within 180 days of making your purchase.

Proactol Plus is the new, reviewed and revamped version of this best over the counter diet pill now out on the market. The new features include:  improved packaging to provide ultra freshness and the second being that the Protocol has been put through some rigorous testing (fat-blocking test) as a means of improving the product. The result is a product which will be more effective in blocking fats such as butter, mayonnaise and oil from entering your system. The ultimate result too is that an already top performing product has further repositioned itself as one of best over the counter diet pills.

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