Women weight loss tips – a new approach

women weight loss tips proactol plusIf you are a woman you will know that if you want to reach your ideal weight you are going to have to work much harder than if you were a male. The following weight loss tips will finally help you to achieve your wish of becoming slimmer and sexy once more.

Seek professional diet advice

The first weight loss tip is to seek diet advice from a professional. As there are literally hundreds if not thousands of different diets, exercise regimes and supplements all claiming to be the best method of weight loss, it will be incredibly difficult to know what is the best option. We are all unique so to lose weight your weight loss plan need to be unique too. Although your friend might lose weight using a certain method this does not necessarily mean that it will work for you. There is plenty of information online so you wont have to speak to a personal trainer face to face, unless you want to that is.

Do not starve yourself

You may think that to lose weight you should not eat. Well although it is advised that you cut back on the junk food and possibly lower your daily calorie intake you should never starve yourself, as this will lower your metabolic rate, leading to weight gain. This is also an unhealthy method of losing weight, as you will be depriving your body of essential nutrients that you need to stay healthy.

Cut back on the sweets

It is well known that women are fond of their chocolate and sweets, well unfortunately too many of these sweets will ruin any chance of losing weight. The occasional treat will not harm but you really should try to cut back. One method you could use to stop the snacking between your meals is to increase the amount of lean protein you consume. Lean protein is slower to digest than carbohydrates and fat so will help to keep you fuller for longer. As an added bonus it will also keep your energy levels high.

Lose weight with a friend!

If you find yourself becoming disinterested and unmotivated when attempting to lose weight, perhaps dieting with a friend is the answer? A friend in the same situation as yourself, trying to lose a few lbs will help keep you focussed. You can even push each other to lose even more weight.

Gradually lose weight

We all would like to lose all the weight overnight but unfortunately this is not going to happen. You have gained the weight over many weeks, months or even years so you have got to realise that losing the weight will be a gradual process too. Losing the weight too quickly is not sustainable and you will soon lose interest and start putting the weight back on. You should aim to lose around 1-2lbs a week; this gradual weight loss is perfectly fine and will ensure you keep the weight off long term.

Stick to the one diet

It is never advisable that you jump from diet to diet. Not only will you be messing with your system but also you will not know if the diet is actually working. Once you create your unique diet plan you should try to stick to it as best as you can. If you are not seeing the results you expect then you should make small changes.

Record your weight loss

The last weight loss tips is to keep a record of your weight loss. This does not mean you should weigh and measure yourself daily, although weighing once a week will be fine. You should take a photo of yourself every month though so you can see how your body has changed after all your heard work. This is a great motivational tool and will keep you working hard for your end goal.
Guest authorJonathan Jenkins is a stay at home dad who in his spare time writes reviews of weight loss supplements like Proactol Plus.  

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