3 Tips Health Nuts Need To Know

If you are health nut like me, then you are probably really good about attending your exercise classes. You never miss yoga. You always make time for a run around the park. You never skip on zumba. You are always early to your 6 A.M. spin class. But are you eating correctly for all this exercise you are doing? It's okay if you said no. I am one to talk, I never, ever, ever eat breakfast before my 7 A.M. run. I know! It's bad. But I always use the excuse that I'm not hungry. And when people don't believe that, I use the excuse that it's just too early to eat. Don't even get me started about my after workout meal. I usually wait a super long amount of time and then I just eat and eat because I'm so hungry after working out. So I decided to research healthy eating habits for before and after a workout because I know I'm doing it wrong and I found some really helpful tips. I realized that eating before and after a workout are extra important for many reasons. Not only will it maximize your workout results, it will keep your body healthier. Your body is like a car and food is like the gas. If you keep running on E, your body will eventually break down. Don't let that happen! Here are 3 tips on what to eat before and after your workout:

1. For you morning runners out there...

It's important to eat something high in fiber and vitamins before you go for that morning jog. Try a cup of oatmeal, whole grain cereal, or a piece of fruit like a banana or apple. When you eat within 30 minutes after you wake up, your metabolism thanks you. It is able to start working immediately, therefore burning more fat throughout the day. Yes, please!

2. For your afternoon spin class...

If you are hungry before the class even starts, listen to your body. Don't skip on the meal because you are afraid it will hinder your performance. It won't! Not eating will actually hinder your performance. Your body is literally telling you that it doesn't have enough energy to work out. Listen to your body and eat a small snack for some energy. Try a banana, nuts, or my favorite, apple slices with a tablespoon of peanut butter.

3. For you ladies who don't eat after a workout...

This is so bad for you! Immediately following your workout, you should fuel up with protein and energy. This allows your body to keep burning fat even after you are done working out. If you don't eat, you will starve yourself. This means you will overeat later, therefore ruining your workout in the first place. Grab some nuts, a protein shake, or a cup of vegetables within 30 minutes of your workout. Then, it's important to eat smaller meals throughout the next few hours. Eating a huge meal after your nightly run will inevitably give you a stomach ache and slow your metabolism down. So even if you aren't hungry post workout, grab a small snack anyway. Your body will thank you!

About the author: Carly is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, one of the highest rated Dallas home security systems. She is a big fan of running, yoga, and trampoline parks.

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